Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Album Review: Metallica - Beyond Magnetic

Released to coincide with Metallica’s monumental 30th anniversary - this EP is made up of four songs, each worthy of their place.
Seemingly left on the cutting room floor of the band’s 2008 return to form ‘Death Magnetic’ recording sessions there’s diversity abound.
‘Beyond Magnetic’, is a perfect blend of the classic thrashy riffs that Metallica helped invent and the pulsating grooves that they’ve refined throughout the years.

Both ‘Hate Train’ and Hell and Back’ are slow yet tantalising tracks with brilliant guitar work throughout. The first seeps with a gritty tone and a melodic chorus, bringing the thrash back into Metallica all the while keeping a constant steady pace. While the latter is a throwback to the band’s ‘Load’ days with its laid back atmosphere and sharp vocals mixed with plenty of attitude.
‘Just a Bullet Away’, flows effortlessly from start to finish with rhythmic vocals and an infectious riff. It all gets serious when a memorising breakdown comes in, which showcases Metallica’s ingenious song writing capabilities, as well as their individual musical talents.
Meanwhile, everything is taken to a whole new level when ‘Rebel of Babylon’ kicks in. It swerves all over the place. Whether it’s the fast-paced riffs and soaring guitar solos or the brilliant drumming, it builds up into 8 minutes of everything that makes exciting metal.

Even within four songs, Metallica have managed to capture their unique essence once again to deliver an EP with something for everyone. Hopefully once the band finally hit the studio again, they will continue to deliver the same.

                         * * * *

-         -  Amy Parker

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