Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Album Review: Brand New - Daisy

If there’s one thing ‘Daisy’ does perfectly, it’s that it makes you think, probably more than any other album you listen to this year will.
Starting with the first track, ‘Vices’ which, with a slightly unusual beginning and front man Jesse Lacey tearing vocals out from where they’ve never been torn before, may have long-time fans of the band scratching their heads. Whereas others will be revelling in the fact that once again Brand New prove to be one of the most original and inventive bands on the planet. Their trademark being that they never give you everything straight away, instead making the listener wait and enjoy the ride the music takes them on, all the while building up to their epic-like finishes - something that the New Yorkers do better than any other band.
‘Bed’ along with title track, ‘Daisy’ – which is one of the highlights of the album, provides a signature chilled out moment from the band which reveals the emotional and melodic side of them that fans have come to admire, while ‘At The Bottom’ sounds something like the love-child of the band’s last two albums (2003’s Deja Entendu and 2006’s The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me), with melodies seeping though all the way to the upbeat and screeching ‘Gasoline’, which showcases some of the most haunting bass lines and vocals from start to finish, giving the song an eerie feel (even though the whole album could be thought of as eerie).

‘You Stole’ shows how much the musicianship of the guys has improved over the years with some of the best guitar lines and riffs ever produced by guitar man Vincent Accardi, which fit brilliantly to help take the song to new heights along with the rest of the album.

With it’s intriguing lyrics, screaming vocals and rapid drumming, ‘Sink’ turns out to be one of the heaviest tracks, this and other songs all add up to create probably the heaviest and most brutal album the band have ever released.
Track by track, ‘Daisy’ seems to be filled with emotion. Just as every other Brand New album in the past does, it oozes passionate and diverse lyrics along with tantalising melodies as well as the ever-present willingness to try new things.
‘Brought A Bride’, is one of the best songs ever shaped by the band, poetic and full of feeling while wrapped in dazzling guitar lines that compliment the song greatly.
The final track ‘Noro’, distinguishes an intriguing atmosphere with Jesse Lacey crying out,’ I’m on my way to hell.’  This is mixed with distorted guitars and an abrupt, yet well-timed finish, which ends the album on a high.
Although Brand New don’t give you everything straight away, when they do give you something, they give you it all 100% and then some, their fourth album exposes everything that they are about and also shows how much Brand New have grown up through their music. From the questioning lyrics to the much improved on use of their instruments, they have crafted yet another stunning and inspiring album to add to their long list of achievements.
‘Daisy’ just might be the defining moment of Brand New’s career. Breaking away slightly from their earlier work, it’s a different step in the band’s evolution that might prove to be the most rewarding one they’ve ever taken.

* * * *
- Amy Parker

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